“When we enter the exhibition space from the world outside, we cross a boundary from stable space, that we also call normal, into an unstable space that is full of surprises – if we are willing to let ourselves be carried by the visual waves that develop the structures of the space, regularly or irregularly, harmoniously or dissonantly.”

Artur Elmer, Art Association Aalen

The light is made visible in the installation through fog. The viewers face the artwork when they look at the space from the outside through the shop windows. When they enter the space, they can become part of the work and act within it. In this confrontation with the artwork, a gentle dissolution of familiar spatial orientation patterns occurs. A harmoniously pulsating light space imperceptibly dissolves traditional visual experiences and references and opens up a space without perceptible boundaries in constantly new variations. This situation, perceived as a continuum, seems to condense an inexhaustible series of unstable states into a stability of new order.

Projektraum Lotte, Stuttgart, 2016