“Sounds harmless, but it is overwhelming! How beams of white light deform, grid, overlap, become colored, dance, cast nets – all this wonderfully taking up the music, but also leading beyond it – is simply ingenious.”

Oliver Hochkeppel, Süddeutsche Zeitung

Dance and media performance
Roxy Ulm, 2013
Kathrin Knöpfle: dance
Reinhard Köhler: music and performance
Laurenz Theinert: projections and performance

True world changes reveal themselves in the fog, and nothing is as it seems. Things change their appearance, restrictions lead to new perspectives. The pictorial reality is charged with inner images. A dancer changes worlds and leads us into shadow worlds of the soul to its snake pits. The projection artist works with space-filling fog landscapes created by hazers; he creates his abstract moving images with the ‘visual piano’. A musician sinks gongs into water and takes us, among other things, into the sound worlds of the Waterphone.

“Ich GLAUBE nicht, ich GLAUBE schon”
Landestheater Tübingen, 2015
A musical performance by and with
Silvia Pfändner, Thomas Maos and Laurenz Theinert.

The interest of Maos and Pfändner is the questions of faith. Musical counterparts are on the one hand church songs, but also self-written songs, which they combine in a very unique way for an experimental evening. The venue is also unusual: the Pfleghof Hall of the Musicology Institute of the University of Tübingen. The Stuttgart-based illumination artist Laurenz Theinert transforms this place into a light room, so that the Pfleghofsaal sometimes becomes a cinema, sometimes a church, sometimes a paradise.

“1 Room – 3 Aspects”
Fluctuating Images, 2011

The starting point for the multi-layered audiovisual encounter is the space – in this case specifically the gallery space. Laurenz Theinert (projection), Alexandra Mahnke (dance) and Markus Birkle (guitar) design and interpret the space with their respective means of artistic expression – light, movement or sound. For the listening viewer a special audiovisual space of perception opens up from the three overlapping aspects.