“The expansion of the projection into 360° allows him to expand the visual experience of the audience into three dimensions. The intensified visual experience is astonishing: The defining edges of the darkened space are replaced by big, moving structures of light and the viewer gets immersed in a totally new cosmos of moving lines and fields of colour.”

Winfried Stürzl

“The Liberation of Form”
Lehmbruckmuseum Duisburg, 2023
Fried Dähn: cello
Laurenz Theinert: visual piano

In a free play of contrasts and colors, geometric shapes and graphic structures, Laurenz Theinert creates and explores visual dimensions. Inspired by the moving forms in Barbara Hepworth’s works, he transformed the Lehmbruck Museum into the projection surface of a large light and sound installation. In the process, the artist created virtual spaces that intertwined, overlapped, and interpenetrated with the surfaces of the real environment. All wonderfully accompanied by the music of Fried Dähn.

“Musik und Licht”
Gallery ABTART Stuttgart, 2013
Wolfgang Dauner: piano
Laurenz Theinert: visual piano

Whether as a solo pianist, as the head of the United Jazz + Rock Ensemble or as a partner of Konstantin Wecker, this internationally renowned pianist is always a shifter between jazz and classical music. Even in the early days of his musical career, Dauner was one of those who refused any purist view. He recognized what synthesizers had to offer jazz and became one of its pioneers.

„space unfolding“

whiteBOX, Munich, 2016
Trondheim Voices: Vocals
Laurenz Theinert: projections

“Space Unfolding” is much more than just a concert. It is an encounter between sound and light, between man and space. The project is thus emblematic of the central dramaturgical concept in the whiteBOX concept – the examination of space in the acoustic and architectural but also historical and social sense. The principle of the artist residency is understood as a space for development – in the individual and biographical sense, but also in relation to the further development and use of the spaces, which are thereby charged with additional levels of meaning and literally “unfolded”.

„Digitale Poesie“
whiteBOX, Munich, 2019
Martin Stortz: piano
Laurenz Theinert: Projections

Theinert literally demonstrates to us that digital art can create goosebump moments that remain in the memory for a long time. What happens when you strike the key of a piano? A certain tone sounds, of course. Not so with the instrument of light artist Laurenz Theinert. Together with software developers, he has developed a unique piano that does not produce sounds but light effects. A “visual piano” in other words. Lines flow across the walls, surfaces emerge, crystalline shapes dance in psychedelic colors before the eyes of the audience. Like a musician, Theinert plays each light moment live and interacts with the music of composer Martin Stortz. The result is a unique sound-light interplay that intoxicates the senses.

„Vocal Tribe“

LWL Museum Münster, 2019
Vocal Tribe: Vocals
Laurenz Theinert: visual piano

Laurenz Theinert throws geometric projections and flashes of light onto the walls with his invention, the Visual Piano. The light images play with the music: spontaneously they react rhythmically to each other. Thus the neo-Renaissance of the atrium in the museum’s old building meets modern beats and is flooded by the pictorial forms. The trio Vocatribe works with all facets of the human voice.

Kunstmuseum Ravensburg, 2014
Tuna Pase: flute, vocals and electronics
Laurenz Theinert: visual piano

It was thanks to their worldwide activities that Tuna Pase and Laurenz Theinert met in Jerusalem. Actually, Tuna Pase was just filling in for a fellow musician who had dropped out, but the shared energy was so inspiring and the mutual understanding of each other’s medium so deep that the program “audiovisual sound visions” was born, which has become a permanent part of the two artists’ repertoire.

„Ort ohne Absicht“
Kunsthaus Kloster Gravenhorst, 2019
Anja Kreysing: accordion and electronics
Laurenz Theinert: visual piano

“Das Museum zum Kunstwerk machen”
Kunstmuseum Heidenheim, 2020

Günther Reger: saxophone and wind synthesizer
Laurenz Theinert: visual piano

Günther Reger is a painter and musician. He conducts interdisciplinary research on color, light and sound and their interrelationships in a cross-border sense. Reger is able to subtly combine various musical with other artistic forms or to contrast them. Reger has played on the international stages of the world. His saxophones, his wind synthesizer with controlled synthesizer modules form the basis for a space-creating music that goes into contemplation.