“The motif is composed of different pictorial levels dealing with the fields of activity of the Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research. For this, the artist has abstracted microscopic images of bacteria, photographs of a laboratory, and chemical formulas and combined them in an exciting composition.”

Samuelis Baumgarte Art Consulting

Due to the different sizes of the individual motifs, one of the levels moves into the foreground depending on the distance of the viewer from the glass wall – thus creating a lively process of rapprochement between the viewer and the work of art. While the colored, abstracted bacteria still form the dominant elements when entering the building in the distant view, they seem to slowly dissolve with the graphic flight as one approaches the work. The graphic element is chosen to be centered on the door area, thus providing guidance at the same time. Finally, as one approaches the door, the focus is on the details: the chemical formulas become visible.

Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research, 2013