“Numerous authors of the last 15 years have given us the most beautiful thing that writers can give: a sentence. These sentences, which stick, which accompany us, leave us laughing or questioning, shine from the façade of the Literaturhaus on this evening into the night, brought into the light by Laurenz Theinert.”

Literaturhaus Stuttgart

In 2001, the Literaturhaus in Stuttgart opened its doors. To be fifteen: to set off into a new age full of zest for action, and to do so on safe ground. Because we will soon be able to call our house our own. A toast to that! The Stuttgart House of Literature is and will remain a house for the city, a house that programmatically and as an accomplice reaches into the city, that brings people together around the book and at the same time shows what is possible when we open a book, move out of the book to other arts, to society, science and politics.