“Together with media artist Laurenz Theinert, Westermann Kulturprojekte developed a media installation commissioned by the museum that both has an effect on the urban space and opens the museum to views from outside. For the first time, this projection combines an urban intervention in the urban space with an immersive exhibition concept, linking inside and outside.”

Helmut Bien, Westermann Kulturprojekte

Screening Northern Lights, media installation on climate change.

The installation gives a taste of what is to come. The ocean covers 71 percent of the Earth’s surface, produces 50 percent of the oxygen in the air we breathe, and 90 percent of global trade is handled by shipping. In contrast to this overwhelming importance, knowledge about the oceans is in many ways more meager than that about the Moon. The current MOSAiC expedition of the ‘Polarstern’ to the North Pole is therefore of great importance beyond the concrete research results. The expedition creates the urgently needed attention for the importance of marine research for the human issue of climate change. (Photos: DSM)

“Screening Northern Lights,” German Maritime Museum Bremerhaven, 2019.