“The internationally renowned light artist Laurenz Theinert is fascinated by precisely this constellation. He likes ‘undefined spaces’ and wants to stage them ‘like a haunting’ with light and sound as they actually are, without any euphemistic tidying up.”

Oliver Bock, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Upon entering the legendary Asbach-Gasse, it becomes clear that sound and light can completely change spaces and houses, and that the Asbach Areal is the counterpoint to the other venues. On the way up the Asbach-Gasse, not only does the walk slow down, but the staging becomes a mixture of tradition, Rhine romanticism and pure energy. The finale is a video mapping on the Feldtorhalle. Stuttgart-based light artist Laurenz Theinert was chosen for the Classic City in Rüdesheim. Theinert is very progressive and known for his abstract line and drawing patterns. In this way, past and future are artistically interwoven and placed in context with the wonderful nature of the Rheingau.

Installation view, Rheinleuchten, 2014