“A MIDI keyboard allows a wide variety of graphic patterns to be generated and projected space-filling via projectors. Unlike common VJ software and hardware, the spontaneous, dynamic ‘light drawings’ in this case are not based on stored clips: every moment of the performance is played and modulated live and in real time via keyboard and pedals.”

Winfried Stürzl

Visual Piano Performances were shown in:
Dom zu Hildesheim, EVI Lichtungen (D) 2024
Lehmbruck Museum, Duisburg (D) 2023
Internationale Musiktage Dom Paderborn (D) 2022
Musikfest ION, Nürnberg (D) 2021
Steirischer Herbst, Graz (AT) 2020
21st Century Guitar, Ottawa (CA), 2019
SKLAD Skopje (MK), 2019
whitebox art, München (D), 2019
LUNA Leuwarden (NL) 2018
KlangRaumZion, Berlin (D), 2018
Collumina, Köln (D), 2018
Feature Ring, Dresden (D), 2017
Responsive Festival, Hallifax (CA), 2016
SEE Djerba (TN), 2016
Cidneon, Breschia (IT), 2016
Interference, Tunis (TN), 2016
Lumina, Cascais (PT), 2015
Lichtungen, Lüdenscheid (D), 2015
B-Seite, Mannheim (D), 2013
Glow Eindhoven (NL), 2008 und 2013
Kunstmuseum Luzern (CH), 2013
Mapping Festival, Genf (CH), 2012
Jerusalem Light Festival (IL), 2012
Bring to Light, New York (USA), 2011
Live Cinema, Sao Paulo (BR), 2011
Lichtsröme Koblenz (D), 2011
I light Marina Bay, Singapur (SGP) 2010
Lichtrouten Lüdenscheid (D), 2010
smartlight, Sydney (AU), 2009