“Three other large-scale works – spread across four walls – interpret the theme of ‘counterworlds’ through the fundamental form-content theme in visual art. In this case, the form is the built, physical, architectural space that as content is home to Towers Watson’s immaterial, spiritual work. Architectural photographs on site have been abstracted and transformed into dynamic perspective forms, which as gray surfaces provide the counterpoint to the copper colored artistically alienated formulas and diagrams.”

Samuelis Baumgarte Art Consulting

“The light plays with the different foil surfaces. Depending on the viewing angle, the copper-colored surfaces shimmer brighter or darker than the silk-matte gray ones, which in turn enter into a fleeting light dialogue with the silver metallic base tone of the wall. Thus, immateriality plays with form, and at the same time, materiality provides the basis for the play of form and content.”

Towers Watson, Wiesbaden, 2011