“Colour is no longer something static, but something that generates itself in the interplay of body color, light situation and perception. And Goethe thus shows not only the variety of chromatic appearance itself, but also its temporal course: from the ephemeral, to the impermanent, to the permanent colors.”

Bettina Pelz, Places without intent

The room works with the basics of color perception. On the physical side, these are the wavelength of the available light and the reflection or absorption capacity of the colors used. On the perceptual side, the fact that we always perceive in ratios and are reluctant to change perceptions once they have been set. The light in the room comes from an RGB LED luminaire. The light slowly changes in its proportions of red, green and blue. The colored stripes on the wall reflect only the wavelengths of their own color. Due to the neighborhood of different colors next to each other, the wall seems to be in motion.

The color light room was exhibited:
Kunstverein Ludwigsburg, 2015
Science Gallery, Dublin, 2016
Svetlobna Gverila, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2017
Frost Museum of Science, Miami, 2018
Forum Concrete Art, Erfurt, 2018
Kunsthaus Kloster Gravenhorst, 2018
LUNA Leeuwarden, 2022
Essen Lightfestival, 2023

“Farblichtraum”, Places without Intent, Kunsthaus Kloster Gravenhorst, 2018