“Laurenz Theinert refuses contents and attributions, he refuses the knowledge of associations and codings and any form of comprehensibility and intelligibility. He invites us to look and to empathize. But please don’t be fooled, ask him about how he explains the world, and he will tell of different spheres that correspond with each other and how images and consciousness shape each other.”

Bettina Pelz, Orte ohne Absicht

The light installation consists of nine electroluminescent cables stretched through the darkened room at different angles. If one fixes one’s gaze on the individual light lines, it becomes clear that they – seen individually – flash regularly. Yet each is distinguished by its own duration and frequency of illumination. The result is a dynamically moving space that manifests itself both as a sensory experience and as a metaphor. In their totality, the autonomous individuals of our society form a complex network of relationships that ultimately constitutes an inseparable unity. A plea for individualism? Possibly. After all, each point of light follows its own law and yet – or precisely because of this – a living whole emerges.

Gespinst was exhibited:
Svetlobna Gverila, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2013
Lumina, Cascais, 2017
Kunsthaus Kloster Gravenhorst, 2018

Exhibition view, Svetlobna Gverila, Ljubljana, 2013