“White, rectangular shapes replace the lines. First tiny, then suddenly as high as a man, they flash stroboscopically in unforeseen places – deforming, inverting, ‘dancing.’ Finally, lines and planes merge into pulsating patterns of psychedelic colors and crystalline shapes – leaving the viewer in a veritable frenzy of color after they disappear.”

Winfried Stürzl

„SWR Young Classix – Die Planeten“
Stuttgart Radio Symphony Orchestra, 2014
Conductor: Matthew Coorey
Music by Holst, Adams, Ligeti and Williams
Laurenz Theinert: visual piano

With this event, a personal dream came true. Not only the collaboration with the entire orchestra of the Radio Symphony Orchestra, but also in my favorite concert hall – the Beethoven Hall in the Liederhalle Stuttgart by architect Rolf Gutbrod.

“Feature Ring”
Festspielhaus Hellerau, 2018
Eren Solak: piano, synthesizer, electronics
Felix-Otto Jacobi: double bass, electronics
Demian Kappenstein: drums, electronics
Laurenz Theinert: visual piano

With the help of a light keyboard Laurenz Theinert paints structures, lines and movements into space. He can react to the fellow musicians in the blink of an eye. The audience thus rediscovers the initially dark hall of the Festspielhaus and the reconstructed Appia stage in a unique way. Equipment, stages, props: Today, the technical infrastructure of the building itself becomes an actor. Theinert and the Ring Trio explore the anatomy of the theater and take a mysterious look behind the scenes.

“Beauty Broken”
Stadthaus Ulm, 2016
Shasta Ellenbogen: Viola
Laurenz Theinert: visual piano
Festival conception: Jürgen Grözinger

To look for beauty in new music seems perhaps inappropriate. That is precisely why we are looking at it in the 20th year of the festival. We are not looking for it on the polished surfaces of the mainstream, but in selected works in which the idea of beauty is mixed with the ancient idea of the “sublime”, which at the same time implies the unknown and the foreign.