“The symmetrical composition of the projection creates crystalline shapes that remind us of the design principles of Art-Deco or the utopian designs of expressionist architecture. At the same time the psychedelic colours quote the aesthetics of the Sixties.”

Winfried Stürzl

Verena Marisa, theremin and accessories
Laurenz Theinert, visual piano

The evening begins with a dialog between theremin and visual piano, two unique instruments for sound and graphic structures respectively. As a performer, Verena Marisa has appeared at festivals of various genres and styles. Verena is the first thereminist to compose a complete solo concert program for this unique instrument and perform it throughout Europe.

Many thanks to the Kunstverein Gästezimmer e.V. and the City of Stuttgart

Chocolate Museum, 2018
Lukas Pearse: double bass
Laurenz Theinert: visual piano

Lukas Pearse is a gifted bass player from Hallifax. I had the pleasure of playing with him at the Responsive Festival in Canada in October 2017. We were both very happy that the Collumina team managed to get us together again and that we had the opportunity to fascinate the Cologne audience – hoping to build on our success in Hallifax. COLLUMINA was an exhibition project in public spaces and selected museums in the city of Cologne. It created a temporary exhibition space in downtown Cologne with works by international artists who use light as a material, medium or metaphor.

Curation: Bettina Pelz, Aymen Gharbi
Production: Dr. Ralf-P. Seippel, Delia Klask

Demian Kappenstein: percussion
Jan Heinke: steel cello
Kostia Rapoport: electronics
Laurenz Theinert: visual piano

The character of space mixes with the magic of light. An ephemeral skin of constantly changing shapes and colors spans everything – physical reality and artistic transcendence blend into a dreamlike Gesamtkunstwerk.

Curator: Herbert Cybulska

“Beyond Time and Space”
Postpalast München, 2014
Fried Dähn: E-cello, laptop, electronics
Thomas Maos: electric guitar, dobro, electronics
Laurenz Theinert: visual piano

The audiovisual performance ‘beyond time and space’ combines sacred and abstract sounds with breathtaking visuals in a constantly changing space. Subsonic atmospheres, sine waves and minimal beats in correspondence with an extremely sound-expanded, live-played instrumentarium are the musical parameters that receive their direct correspondence, their expansion and transcendence in the live-generated worlds of light.

Lange Nacht der Museen, Stuttgart, 2014
Timber Hanfreich: sequencer and accessories
Laurenz Theinert: visual piano

Hanfreich’s minimalist sounds resound like impressions from an abstract world that knows no natural sounds, not even diagonals, but only right and left, up and down – as if Mondrian had painted the music. The pieces were created from improvisations and give the sound and video artists a great deal of freedom. Sometimes Theinert’s graphic realizations complement the sound image, sometimes they set a counter-rhythm. And Hanfreich proves to be a virtuoso at the sequencer controls, who has a preference for beats that seem to be stuck to the floor, smacking.

Stuttgarter Nachrichten, 14.08.2004

GLOW_S Eindhoven, 2012

For GLOW-S, Theinert collaborates with Eindhoven producer and musician Stefan Robbers, best known as a member of the techno formation Acid Junkies. For years, Robbers has also been known as Terrace. Multi-instrumentalist Allard Krijger contributes his amazing ability to create sounds and music.