“ln the visual culture of the present, light is the omnipresent material, tool and medium. Light artworks are characterized by the fact that they visualize interferences. They can be read as a dynamic system of reciprocal references that can be inferred in the interplay of the physical properties of light and the conditions of human perception.”

Bettina Pelz, Orte ohne Absicht

Laurenz Theinert’s luminous sky ladder, about eight meters high, rises into the vastness and infinity of the sky above Weissenburg Park. It plays with our perception. The eye is hardly able to clearly recognize the rhythms of the luminous tubes independently of each other. A kind of ‘moving state’ is created, in whose meditative contemplation one can lose oneself similar to the observation of fire. The transcendental world into which Theinert’s light guide leads always eludes our possibilities of cognition to a certain extent.

Aufstiege, Kulturregion Stuttgart, 2017